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Originally Posted by Murph335 View Post
guys you are forgetting the best feature of the V8 bigger benz line (550 and up), AIR RIDE!!! raise and slam it for the money stance tucking those fatty HRE wheels with one button, and a wired module. Ride and harsh as you want one second, float on a cloud the next. Now that there is a car with v8TT, 4drs, airmatic, another CLS550 sport will be the way i go.

coilovers, springs, etc never ride the same as airmatic.

Really thought bmw would do air at least in the X5 (rear air only)
fwiw, the AMG versions have a better tuned airmatic than the non-AMGs. My E63 has three settings (plus a raise button for bad driveways.) The comfort mode is smooth without being floaty, and the other two sport modes stiffen things up a lot for cornering.

The P30 package gives you even stiffer valving for handling, but tend to be too stiff in everyday driving in the comfort mode setting, imho.

The Cayenne with air suspension is a much better ride than without, too.