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Originally Posted by erhanh View Post

Even then, if you can build the same car from the catalog, what's so special about it when BMW does? My M3 is special edition too. It is AW, it has carbonleather interior, cloth seats, DCT, convenience package and ZCP...

Btw, one has to be insane to buy a matte black car. Good luck keeping it clean.[/QUOTE

Agreed. Just buy all of the BMW Performance accessories and individual options so that you can look unique and awesome.

The "frozen" finishes are good if you like the look of a dusty black board. I just cannot believe so many BMW enthusiasts actually consider a matte paint job when BMW have some of the best paint colours.

To choose matte over Monte Carlo Blue is frankly blasphemy.

I just don't get why people slobber over these frozen colors - they'll be a mega pain in the ass to maintain - especially a frozen black!!! I have a jerez black and i need to detail it every saturday morning!! I'm a car nut and don't mind doing it but its a serious commitment... plus a clear coated car is much easier to clean then basically a "frozen" color that's really nothing but a base paint minus clear coat.... plus there's no HP increase, no brake upgrades.... bah! .. looks nice in pictures though..

I love Monte Carlo Blue!!