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Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post

I hate these only 20 available "special" additions which are only cosmetically altered.

Give us a "performance" special addition which has all the goodies from the performance catalog (steering wheel, exhaust, seats (federalization issue - I know), spoiler, GTS front splitter). That would get my heart a beating. This just doesn't do it.

Edit - MonteCarloM3 beat me to it.
Even then, if you can build the same car from the catalog, what's so special about it when BMW does? My M3 is special edition too. It is AW, it has carbonleather interior, cloth seats, DCT, convenience package and ZCP...

Btw, one has to be insane to buy a matte black car. Good luck keeping it clean.[/QUOTE

Agreed. Just buy all of the BMW Performance accessories and individual options so that you can look unique and awesome.

The "frozen" finishes are good if you like the look of a dusty black board. I just cannot believe so many BMW enthusiasts actually consider a matte paint job when BMW have some of the best paint colours.

To choose matte over Monte Carlo Blue is frankly blasphemy.
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