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Originally Posted by JoosyJoos View Post
Realistically it's not a bad idea but all of us Americans will throw a fit because we've historically had some of the lowest gas prices in the world --- unlike Europe who takes the hell out of gasoline/diesel to accomplish several of the same objectives.

Certainly wouldn't have to throw a fit because there aren't many/any alternatives to make these long travels and commutes right? British have one of the longest commutes in Europe, and their's is only 8.5 miles. The average American commute is 3x that. Then take into account the distance required to visit friends/family/etc etc and the lack of transportation alternatives to do this.

This whole we only throw a fit 'because we're used to it being cheap' is getting a bit old to me. There's many many many other things to take into account when you compare us to people in the other countries. Don't get me wrong, there's some truth to what you're saying. But the automatic retort has been driving me bonkers. If there was an immediate shift of the price of gas to being the same in the USA as it was in Europe. USA would slowly start to shutdown unless the government heavily subsidized some decent alternatives.