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Originally Posted by needspeed View Post
A Ferrari is just that, a Ferrari!!!! and there is no substitute. I could give two craps if some car is faster than mine. I could have spent less on a new ZR1 (Crazy Fast) you even dare to say the M3 can run with that.

I did not buy my Ferrari to be the fastest guy out there. But I can tell you the M3 is BORING BEYOND TEARS compared to it. And the M3 is a damned fine car.

And no way in hell is the M3 close to as fast unless you want to dump $20K-$30K into it. And as much as I loved the M3 V8 it is a mere shadow of the Ferrari V8.

So let's just agree that they are both great cars for what they are and leave it at that......Steve
I absolutely enjoy my M3 sedan and probably will keep it until it is dead or I am. Yesterday I drove a Cerrara 4S 2010 and I would say it is very nice. Not sure it is nicer than my M3 but they are different. Today I will drive a Turbo 911 2008. Another different car. So i agree the Ferrari is in its own class. You do pay to play. Gotta know what you want.