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Why are you guys going through all this trouble tilting, jacking the back wheels, front wheels etc?
Just slide a heavy duty jack under the front jacking point (the black plastic one between drain plugs) and lift, put a safety jack under one or both front sides, then drain the oil. Lower the car back to the floor while the oil drains. Get a cooking pan to catch the oil, they have a low profile. Change the filter while the oil is draining, then jack back up and install the drain bolts. All you need is one big jack and a safety jack. No ramps or multiple jacks.

Also, I forgot to mention, change the oil about 6 months from a year since last change, not so much the mileage. BMW will replace your oil after 365 days or the mileage of the computer, whichever comes first. So, for example, if you drive about 10k per year, do it at 5k.