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Originally Posted by NaTuReB0Y
My gay cousin is a FREAK....his parents disowned him! They blamed themselves for his unfortunate twist of fate. We always knew he was gay since childhood....but his parents never accepted it until he was forcefully married to some nice woman....had 4 kids with her....and left her for some dude he met over the internet.......FUCKIN' LOSER! Everyone hates him! Including me......the fucker left four kids behind to be raised by a single parent mom!
I don't think people should escape their responsibilities, especially to children who didn't ask to be born, that is wrong.

What do you mean by "forcefully married"?

The whole story sounds sad to me, sounds like he got married to be accepted, not because he wanted to. This is why some people just end up killing themselves. They feel trapped by this thing inside them that they wish they could change but can't.

I am fortunate that my parents aren't like that and they didn't have a problem with it, neither did any of my friends, nor any of my work collegues or staff. But not everyone is that lucky.
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