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Originally Posted by SM#80 View Post
It went well. Rob May (FLMS) drove Joe Koenig's 996, but had to start at the back of the field, so I got in a few laps then waited for him to catch up so we could have a little fun. I was still ahead at the end though!

Sorry to see that STO car get smashed, it was pretty quick on Saturday. I heard it was a lower ball joing that gave out... Was he able to brake at all before going in nose first? I hope so. Also heard the driver was alright, which is slways most important.

Nice work at Grattan - I wanted to go but between being the only car from Fall-Line going and the wacky schedule I decided against it.

See you next week.
Nice Sunday must have been a lot more fun than Saturday in the rain. I was actually on 5 year old rain tires and hoosier is back ordered and not supposed to have any till late June/ early July.

Sounds like it was a good outing on Sunday and that your at a fast pace.

Yea the STO car ball joint (one that attaches the control arm to the hub) broke but as soon as it did he went over the curbing which caused all four wheels into the air. So no way to brake or steer. Pretty scary stuff but at least the cage did its job and he is ok. He found a donor car already and will be getting back out there hopefully late in the year or next season.

Thanks Grattan was a fun time and made a lot more sense to go there than to Brainerd.