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Originally Posted by 1cleanm3 View Post
so was the corvettes bump on the porsches ass while taking the turn, could have EASILY landed him somewhere he didnt want to be. So no not retarded, just viewing both sides.

Ya me too

I watched the whole thing, if im not mistaken the broadcasters said the Porsche had no tires left. While I agree , like stated it could have easily been the Porsche driver being insured or killed. Coming into the LAST turn the bump from the corvette was definately not called for.

Retaliating on another driver because he bumped your car doesnt make it right. Not saying its right, but bumping is in racing. But I think they let it go as long as that bump doesnt give you an advantage or the other vehicle a disadvantage to the point where a position is lost, or damage is caused that could affect the race.

Now granted, that was the final corner at Laguna Seca. Thats a really tight corner, and if you have dead tires and the car behind you is faster with better tires, you will likely have to brake sooner then they will, usually resulting in a bump from the rear. That corner isnt a 90 degree turn, its more then that, taking it on the outside wouldn't have given the Vette a good line, he may not been able to make the pass. So he stayed on the inside line, the Porsche blocked into the turn, the bump happened. Not saying that should allow the Porsche to get a "freebie" hit on the Vette. The Vette took a final attempt to pass on the far inside, the Porsche blocked again, but the Vette was already next to him, so in doing so the Porsche squeeze the Vette up against the wall. The Vette had to turn back towards the Porsche to avoid getting pushed into the inside wall. In doing so, he put himself into the Porsche, which resulted in the spin out.

Im not sure if aggressively forcing a car towards the wall to block him passing you is legal or not, but thats how I saw it.

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