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Originally Posted by stingray23 View Post
Called for? Are you retarded? That was a cheap move.
so was the corvettes bump on the porsches ass while taking the turn, could have EASILY landed him somewhere he didnt want to be. So no not retarded, just viewing both sides.

Originally Posted by Makkasteez View Post
that vettes hi beams were pissing me off, glad they exploded when he crashed. lol
that was intense
Ya me too

Originally Posted by kindafast View Post
Clearly Corvette was the faster car, if you watch the whole video you would see how it pulled away from the Porsche after the illegal pass. The Corvette would have been penalized for bumping. What the Porsche did was a beach move, he could have killed or injured that driver.
I watched the whole thing, if im not mistaken the broadcasters said the Porsche had no tires left. While I agree , like stated it could have easily been the Porsche driver being insured or killed. Coming into the LAST turn the bump from the corvette was definately not called for.