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Originally Posted by GnokGnik View Post
Ferrari's are pure passion. I prefer the "normalness" of Porsche, but I would die to own and drive a Zonda or a Ferrari regularly.

"We don't sell a car, we sell a dream"

A BMW is a stupid mass produced grocery getter in comparison.
I agree you can't compare an M3 to a F430 or any modern Italian exotic for that matter. Though I still respect BMW for the type of cars they build, driving either a Ferrari or Lamborghini is an experience. I've been fortunate to own one (a Lambo SL) and drive the other (F430). Both are great cars and just some of the best fun you can have with your pants on. I can't even imagine what a Zonda must be like! If you want a Porsche without the "normalness", a Carrera GT fits that bill in my mind. One of the most awesome super cars produced IMO and high on my list of dream cars--albeit a little below the Zonda.

For those of you wanting to drive these cars, I'm sure you've heard of the companies that allow you to spend half a day driving different exotics for around $1700. I haven't done it but have heard good things. There's also a driving circuit in Vegas where you can buy laps in various exotics. Haven't tried that either but thought I would mention that as well. Just my .02.