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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
We have wake skating here now, on a board that isnt hooked to your feet like a wakeboard(hints why its called wake skate), and you get pulled behind and boat and do skate tricks. Wear a pair of tennis shoes that are typically skater shoes. Looks dumb but way more difficult than paddling a giant board while standing on it. People have been doing that for centuries, expect it was labor not leisure.
All of it's fun. Wakesurfing on a short board is a blast and wakeskating is awesome, especially when all your friends are damn near pro wakeboarders and you bust out wakeskating shit they cant do because I have a skateboard back ground!

Think of a paddle board as a more versatile kayak. You can surf on them, fish on them, my wife does yoga and other exercises on them for the added challenge. Or you can just chill and paddle around. You might think of it differently if you can imagine seeing shit loads of fish, sharks, dolphins, crabs, sting rays, ect... swimming under your board as you soak up some sun....

Just differnt strokes bro, i'm 37 and after skating all those years my body is starting to let me know how old i am. So after snowboarding in the winter, MTN biking in the spring, it's nice to just float around and get some exercise with out the impact.
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