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Originally Posted by EmmettBrown View Post
what's a good beginner brand? or are they all pretty much the same? and im a 6 footer so what would be a good size? thanks
You can pick up a board a wallmart but will probably regret it. Yolo, Surftech, Naish, Starboard, C4 Waterman, Hobie, all great brands with lots of experience with making boards. I went with Starboards because of 2 reasons. They were one of the few around that i could try that was in the size i was looking for. And they have made windsurf boards for a long time now. I figure that since they have been building long wide boards for so long it's an easy transition for them. It might be more of a challenge for a company that has been making 6' surfboards their entire existence. That said, my wife has a Surftech Larid board which seems to be faster than my board, but that's likely because it's much smaller.

Sizing is based more on your weight than size.

Originally Posted by andyl View Post
It's super easy to do. I've just started getting in to paddleboarding recently. It's getting pretty popular in my area now especially since the weather is getting better...

This site has a lot of info for tip
Nice site! Lots of info here EB.

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