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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
You know, I just realized something. I can't remember a quote from McCain that advocates removing Assad through use of U.S. military force. Matter of fact I believe he's generally been supportive of the president's handling of this. Since your argument is predicated on McCain advocating removal through use of American military power it might be nice if you could quote him.

You are behind in the news. McCain flip-flopped last week from supporting Obama on Syria, to opposing Obama saying it's "in the U.S.'s interest to seek the removal of Bashar Assad".

If you are having a hard time decoding this sort of statement, "US's interest" is a code-phrase for meeting the requirements of the War Powers Act. And "removal of Bashar Assad" doesn't mean sending him an invitation to the White House 4th of July Fireworks, it means using US military "fireworks" to remove Bashar Assad against his will.