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Originally Posted by admranger View Post
with the 2.9 financing available from BMWFS and dealers willing to let you buy cars for $500 - $1000 over invoice, used M3's are a bad deal right now. I couldn't find an E90 used for less than what I'm buying a new E90 for (ED or stateside delivery, didn't matter). The used market is nuts right now in my opinion.

Right, but I'd say most 'new' buyers are leasing, most 'owners' are looking for that CPO'd 100k warranty...IMHO.

Originally Posted by VitaminT View Post
Yeah I know prices go up in the summer, especially on convertables, but I missed a chance a few months ago to buy a 09 M3 coupe with 21k loaded up with extended fox red, DCT, all packages, premium sound, sat, and CPO for $54,??? non-negotiated price. Now I can seem to find any 09 cars under $60k.

And any 2011 I find used are listed for more than invoice of a new one.
compared to the 335i, the M3 is a huge step up. Compared to the market, the M3 is a very hot car, it gets praise left and right, many buyers will pay that extra 2-3k to get the car they want (CPO's, loaded, clean) and dealers/sales people take advantage of it.

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