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Originally Posted by Walt White Coupe View Post
Another welcome to the C6/135 owners club. They make a very nice pair. With your 05 just be careful with wheel hop under hard acceleration and back off instantly if get it to hop. The 05, unlike all later C6 years, had a weaker rear differential housing. It can't take wheel hop. Also, the forum of choice is:

Good luck with the vette.

ya that's my one concern, esp with the blower.

i might just look for a c5 rear diff and make a mount and swap it before i tear it up. Definitely not going to track before i shore up the rear end. the problem i understand is that i need a c6 diff and tail for the trans which is pricey, vs simply a c5 diff with a little custom fabbed bracket which won't be expensive.

Not my first vette, first c6, have had a pair of c5s, parents still have one as well. been on corvetteforum since 02 and ls1tech since 99 or so, lots of great info there with some really great gear heads. actually found this car on corvetteforum and went out to chicago to get it.

btw wanted white, but this was a deal i couldn't pass up. maybe my next one will look like yours...
Check these guys out. This is only one of the options but there are others that they can help you with, if the time comes. They are popular on Corvette forums. 05 guys usually are very pleased.