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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Hmmm? Thought you were trashing McCain because he's a warmonger, right? Compare and contrast with this president? Just pointing out we got the real deal in the white house right this very minute. McCain's a piker compared to Killer Obama.
I'm trashing McCain because he's a war hawk with a short temper who has been prone to advocate starting new wars, the latest of which has been his recent advocating the forceful removal of Syria's leader (Assad). My post was made in response to specific comments made by McCain. Piled on top of his previous advocating for a war against Iran starting with bombing them, that would put us in 5 wars, with no hope of withdrawing from Iraq in the next 100 years.

I consider that irresponsible and bad for our nation.

Obama on the other hand isn't talking about starting 2 more fronts on top the the 3 we already have. And he's preparing to responsibly exit one front that McCain says he would stay in for 100 years (Iraq). Are you trying to say that Obama is the bad guy because he is finishing off the 2 wars that Bush started? Because he got Bin Laden where Bush failed?

I consider that responsible and good for our nation.

Or are you somehow blaming Obama for starting those wars? Because my point was that even though Obama started 1 more war, McCain's rhetoric points to us being in THREE new wars if he were in charge.

Perhaps you just don't understand the mathematics of 5>3 and 3>1. And that closing the Iraqi front is one less war than staying in Iraq for 100 years.