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Here's the deal ...

Dinan's warranty is bullshit in my experience. I think many of us pay a premium for Dinan components because of their vaunted warranty. Well my story will show you that you can't trust that implied warranty.

Here are the highlights or lowlights of my experience.

I had to bend one of my center hangers pretty severely on the car to get the exhausts to line up properly in terms of height under the bumper. Also the tips were slightly off (about 1/8 of an inch longer on one than the other and this was visible when you looked down at the pipes when opening the trunk, etc.). Neither was a huge deal but both issues bothered me and when you pay $2500 for an exhaust I expect it to be perfect. But I wasn't overly concerned because I thought; no worries, Dinan has this wonderful warranty. Yes it is going to be a pain to ship it back, etc. but Dinan will make it right. WRONG!

I worked with Dinan for over a month to try to get it replaced under warranty. I provided detailed pictures of the bent hanger and the measurements of every tip. Communication was not good. I had to constantly write to request a status update.

They finally came back and they stated the 1/8 of an inch difference was within their tolerances, and they claimed the reason I had to bend a hanger was the exhaust must have been damaged in shipping. The warranty guy even said he sat down with Steve Dinan himself to discuss my case and this was their decision.

There is no excuse for a 1/8 inch difference on a handmade exhaust. How hard is it to cut the same length pipe and weld it on? Bullshit excuse #1.

They admitted I shouldn't have had to bend the hanger but they blamed it on the being damaged in shipping. Bullshit excuse #2! The box was in perfect condition when it arrived (which I told them). But even if it was a shipping issue, shouldn't they have helped me resolve that with UPS?

They left me high and dry. Did not offer a refund, exchange, discount or anything. I told them that I was very disappointed, asked about their famous warranty, and told them I would never buy Dinan again. I never received a response to that message.

So guys if Dinan will not replace an exhaust that is less than a week old, with photo evidence of the issues with it, do you think they are ever going to replace an engine that blows up because of their tune, or replace a shock that fails due to their spring, etc. Right then and there I realized that Dinan is not what they are cracked up to be. I also spent $1000 on their suspension kit early on thinking that sure they are just $200 springs but I have this warranty.

My experience might be isolated, but I am in sales and I would NEVER treat a customer like they treated me. If they treat one that way, chances are they will do it again.

Therefore, I would tread very cautiously when dealing with them.

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