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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post

Tranny swap in the 323? Nice! I wouldn't worry about your 6MT E92. It should be fine on the newer ones. Even with mine, it's not enough for me to switch to DCT (yet). After 11 years with MTs though, it's becoming apparent that I will one day hang up the MT for good
Yeah... worst decision I ever made buying a BMW with an auto tranny. This was a known defect on the early E46's. In fact there's a website devoted to this issue...
You'll see TONS of complaints from people who experienced this reverse gear failure. I had a choice of paying $6k for a remanufactured auto tranny or spend a bit less and get a more bulletproof 5spd tranny so I went that route. From a mechanical standpoint, tranny swaps to manual are straightforward, but the electronics is the tough part and fortunately my mechanic had access to a BMW Master Tech who specializes in BMW electronics so the tranny swap went by perfectly with no error codes or other electronics issues.

You can read a bit more about my reasoning for buying an auto tranny (did it for my future wife and assumed she wouldn't know how to drive a manual but turned out that the woman I married knows how to drive stick so my consideration backfired on me, lol) in the link below:

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