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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
I would love it if someone else with a 6MT E92 M3 drove my car and reflected on any major differences between theirs and mine.
You could post on your regional forum to swap cars with another M3 owner, so you could also what other cars shift like. Problem on forums like these is everybody's definition of 'notchy', 'crunch', 'grind', etc., is different. I've owned enough manual cars in my life I know what's acceptable and what's not, but it's very hard to describe. And yes, I'm old (49) .

The other side of the story is at what point it makes sense to complain and shoot for a fix or replacement. For starters, I absolutely HATE for any dealer personnel to drive my car, especially if you're dealing with high-speed and/or high-rpm issues. And on that note, you better be able to CONSISTENTLY repeat the issue, or don't even waste your time at a dealership. You also have to be realistic about the chances of creating other problems with a tranny swap, or any other major work, for that matter. And finally, with borderline issues where there's no obvious problem, like transmission notchiness, you have to weigh the possibility of a part that has no upgrades being exactly the same as yours after going thru all the trouble of getting it fixed/replaced.

Let me close by saying I'm an engineer and a perfectionist (not a good combination ), and I obviously expect everything to be perfect, but that's not the reality. Little things used to drive me nuts, but learned to live with reality, and learned hardly anything is close to perfect if you scrutinize it enough, and that acceptable is the new perfect. Look at almost any car: they have horrible orange peel, right? Are you going to demand to get it removed? Good luck. You need to learn to live with it. Or fix it yourself. As a mechanical device, each transmission is going to feel different, but as long as it's within the acceptable limits, I wouldn't mess with it. And yes, with enough experience, you'll know what is acceptable and what is not. Good luck learning folks .

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