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Originally Posted by nmulax View Post
I figured the Canucks would win in 5 games; but last night was just downright embarrassing.
I agree with the way assessment of how the Canucks played last night...embarassing does not even paint the entire picture!!!!

Rome was suspended 4 games for the lateness of that play, but at the same time you can see Horton admiring his pass. Scott Stevens made it to the hall of fame feasting on guys doing this. Before you guys flame me for this...even the Mike Murphy clarified that the suspension was based on a north-south hit, not a blind side. The NHL needs to eliminate the grey with assessing each head shot situation separately and treat it as a high stick/shooting the puck over the boards (which is black & white).

Before calling the Canucks dirty, please watch the way the Bruins have been playing as well. The Canucks gave some/tooks some cheap hits. Bruins are playing the same way as well. Neither teams are saints, which is what makes this series compelling to watch.

BTW....whatever happened to the charging penalty? Every big hit last night you can litterally count more than three strides before the collision.