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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
Good question, Navin. The grind appears in all 6MTs as far as i know and is considered normal feature of the tranny. I don't think it's as bad on new ones, but it's just how BMW trannys are. All mine have done it.

While my car is 99% fine, the notchniess of 1 to 2 or 3 to 2 is what's really bothering me these days (probably because i spend so much time on here reading about issues with the car that i tend to over diagnose my own). If I can get it replaced and eliminate the issue while at the same time getting a new tranny on the house, why not? I know there were some 2009 6MT tranny's that had theirs replaced as well. I have not heard of any issues with 2011...
Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
I have an 08 not sure of production date dont even know where to find it, also i have not heard of 09 having this issue.
Thanks fellas.

One of the reasons I asked (other than the obvious fact that I was concerned since I'm getting an '11 M3 with 6MT) was because if this issue potentially impacts ALL 6MT transmissions thru all the E92 M3 years then there is a chance that the replacement tranny that Sean got will potentially have this same issue repeat itself at some point, in which case the one solution to avoid this ever from happening again would be to do a tranny swap to DCT.

Last thing I ever want to do ever again is do another tranny swap ($$$)... my 323i came with the steptronic (auto) tranny and reverse gear eventually failed so I underwent tranny swap to 5MT. My 323i is perfect now with no mechanical or electrical issues from the swap (feels like the car came from the factory with a 5MT).
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