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Originally Posted by robackja View Post
I would say the CA could be a little more enthusiastic, they definitely get updates like when its leaves port, estimated delivery at dealership etc. But in the end, its just a horrible wait. I waited 9 weeks for mine to be delivered to Co's BMW. On top of that, it was scheduled for Saturday arrival at the dealership (of course no one is around to PDC a vehicle on Saturdays), and it actually arrived at Co's on Friday anyway. Of course I couldn't take delivery until Monday night, and it snowed 8 inches over the weekend with my car outside the entire weekend in the snow.

Now, I can probably care less about the whole situation, though I would do more homework next time around. I just enjoy the car itself so much now. I actually thought the 1200 mile break-in period was just as bad as the delivery wait... IMHO. The wait is probably just amplifying the pain. Try to take your mind off it, you'll be enjoying you car soon enough. Be happy you can afford a $70k car in this economic climate.
You are right, this wait is slowly getting to me. I can't imagine how I would feel if I was in the situation you were before you picked up your car. While I am still a bit disapointed with Schomp, I think when the car actually gets here it will be a lot better. Now only a week or two to go hopefully