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Originally Posted by Zba View Post
I know how frustrating the wait can be, but I'm not really certain of what kind of info are you looking for? Your car is at the port. When there is an update along the lines of your car being transported to the dealer, I'm sure you will be informed. If you are wanting information like "ok, now your car is being unloaded! Now they are removing the shipping goo!" etc, etc, that's not going to happen.
I heard from my dealer when the car started production, then they set me up with a BMW account to track it myself, and when the car was en route to the dealer I got another call. Remember, you are not their only client.
Well I called my dealer last week and my CA told me the shipped docked and told me it would be here over the weekend. I called him on Friday and he said it won't be here till next week (which is this week). And now he is not even sure when it will get here. I am just getting frustrated with their service and misleading information. I know I am not the only customer but the least they could do is call me back when they are free instead of waiting for me to call another day. My CA gave me very little information throughout the whole build of the car. I have tracked the car myself through BMW OC and the BMW NA 800 number and now the car is at the point where neither I or the BMW NA customer relations can track it. The lady I spoke with through customer relations said that my dealer is the one that will receive updates at this point. I'm not expecting them to tell me when the car is unloaded or whatever. I just want them to tell me when my car will actually get here. I would rather have them tell me the truth instead of making dates up like "Yeah it should be here this weekend."