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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Interior looks much, much better than before, whether it's material quality is actually better won't be known until we see it but the perception is this is the case. Externally the ML was always a fine looking SUV and it's good to see that Mercedes haven't tweaked the basic formula too much.

Well put.

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Hope they figured out how to assemble cars in Alabama. Our ML500 was a complete rattle trap. At 2500 miles I couldn't stand it any longer and dumper it.
Interesting. Our ML had some initial small reliablility issues but it has not had one rattle in over 2 years. It has been overall, much more solid and reliable than our newer X5.

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Front looks like a raised CL. Excellent remake!
The front ends are not a design choice of MB (or other manufacturers for that matter) but a necessity due to the new bumper/pedestrian safety regulations that have been implemented in Europe.