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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Not that this makes it right, but the great majority of manual transmission cars I've owned have or have had a notchy 1-2 shift, especially when cold. Downshifting to 2nd does not exhibit that, however. You definitely have to shift slower to 2nd than the other gear changes, but that doesn't mean there's a problem. If I try to rush it, it'd grind, no doubt, but so far, has never grinded. At least in my case, I don't care because never drag race anyway. A fraction of a second slower 1-2 shift is absolutely no problem for me. But yes, wish it was smoother. Changing to Royal Purple Synchromax oil definitely helped, to the point my tranny is almost perfect now. I also have a very slight notchiness on the 4-5 shift. But again, 6-5 is perfect. Issue is the gates are very narrow, so if you hit them just right, gear change goes in perfectly. Otherwise, you feel the notchiness. I just learned to live with it in all my manual cars. Don't let it get to you, unless you have a real issue. Many times is wrong technique, like releasing clutch to soon before gear change is complete, and such. I'm still learning on my car at 8,000 miles, but those miles are mostly highway, plus I drive other manual cars, so remembering the quirks of each car is a lot harder . Good day.
Agreed i had a S2K with tranny problem that found out later that is not a problem anymore being notchy 1st and 2nd. when i got the ///M i assume it was suppose to be that way since it was new... but when i test drove some of the M3 friends and even the one at BMW lot it was smooth as butter 1st and 2nd even at cold start. I understand that fact that some of the cars are meant to be notchy but BMW shouldnt do that.

well i basically prove it that after they replace my tranny 1st the 6th shifts smooth as butter.BMW probably knows the issue with the 08 since no issues with 2009 6mt tranny. Also replacing the tranny oil does not completely fix the problem it will for couple weeks until the oil settles then notchy feeling comes back. usually when notchy tranny is a problem with the synchro usually fixes the problem but replacing the sychro sometimes does not fix the problem. when i had the synchros replace on my S2K they had to replace the gears as well after the fact the synchros were installed.

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