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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
Word. Thanks! I will be sure to remind you.

So, let me just get this straight real quick.

First, you took the car in and complained of 1 -> 2 grind. Did they try to replicate the issue? The end result was that they changed the 1 and 2 synchro.

Then you still had issues and they replaced the whole tranny? clutch and everything?
No 1st i complained about the 1st and 2nd gear being notchy and a little bit hard to put them in place... they decided to replace the 1st and 2nd gear and synchro and the technician test drove it and had the same problem..So PUMA case decided to just replace the entire tranny case solve. the clutch was not replace, it does not say it on the reciept so im guessing it was just the entire tranny.

it took them a whole month cause no one had a spare tranny in the US... tranny was shipped from Germany. after that my tranny is fresh and new without being nocthy and shift like butter even on cold start up.