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Originally Posted by dcgolfdr View Post
Whats available in 275/35/18?
I have the Grand Am Continentals at $100 each + shipping (about $23 each to VA).

I get that size in the R6 but they are not available right now. They run $125 each.

For those who don't know about the Grand Am spec Continentals: They were made by Hoosier until they lost the deal to supply tires to the Grand Am series. They are very similar to the Hooseir R6 but have more plastic in the compound which allow them to last longer being the Grand Am series is an enduro type event. They stick like bubble gum, last longer, and are cheaper then the used Hoosier R6. One note is that they are NON-DOT.

Specs are:
Rim rec: 10"-10.5"
Circ: 79.5"
Dia: 25.3"
Tread Width: 10.2"
Section Width: 11"
Weight: 21.7 lbs