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Originally Posted by icedragon
Okay, here's my take. First, I don't know why some straight people are so concerned with supposedly losing the meaning of marriage. In today's world, the word isn't that relevant. I mean, how many times has Jennifer Lopez divorced?? It's just not as sacred as some people think.

Secondly, I think that being bi or gay is both biological and environmental (nature and nuture). In my first year Psych course, their was a chapter about homosexuality. It also talked about a recent experiment where the head of a dead gay man and the head of a dead straight man were dissected. Three parts of the gay man's brain were different in size compared to the straight man's brain. So there are definitely some genetic factors in play.
Honestly, experiments like that are highly skewed in favor of whatever the scientist(s) doing it want to find. I can't find an experiment with ONE test and only two subjects credible. I bet if you take any two people, regardless of sexuality and dissect their brains, there will be differences in size.

Also someone mentioned about twins and gave an example where one twin was gay and the other was straight. Again, according to the course I took, this is a very RARE example. In most cases, if one twin is gay, the other is also gay, which again suggests that there are some genetic factors in play.
Again, more factors need to be accounted for; were the twins living in the same household? If not, what kind of environment did the separate twins grow up in?

I think there may be some social factors as well, but it's hard to think of them. First, being raised in a "masculine" way does not make you straight. Some gay people love cars (we have some fellow gay E90 members), sports, and power tools but they are gay. Secondly, with such high divorce rates these days, many male kids grow up without father figures but they do not necessarily become gay. Hmmm ... after reading over my arguments, I guess being gay is more biological. There isn't much evidence at all pointing to social factors.
I think it has to do more with personal experiences, rather than how they were raised. I'm pretty sure every homosexual has a story to tell on how they "found out" they preferred the same sex.
So in conclusion, people are probably born gay and if they have the guts, they may "choose" to tell other people. But I really don't think they "choose" to be gay.
I don't know if it's nature or nurture, there's no clear evidence...yet. But I'm going to have to stand by the choice theory.

Btw, I do have some gay friends. And they have helped me so many times. So gay people are definitely cool They also all drive luxury cars.
Sodomy either way is a no-no though