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Hi guys,

Just picked up my Alpines HID angels the other day Alex is a great guy.

My photographic instincts wouldn't let this slide any longer, so I grabbed my nice camera this afternoon and took some photos so that everyone who is as curious as I was about the recommend color (8000k) can finally see what they really look like.

They are not green, NOT AT ALL (as they appear in most other pictures on M3/E90post). They are a brilliant white/blue/purple == something like 75/15/10 ratio if you really wanted to visualize it. I think my pictures and persian54's best illustrate the color and intensity of these 8000k Alpine HIDs. They are probably the closest aftermarket match to the OEM 2011 LCI coupes (aside from OSS angels).

In the first photo I tried to achieve the actual perceived intensity and "blobbiness" factor at night, as well as the appropriate color. The lowbeams are OEM 4300k, notice they appear quite yellow in comparison, but not ugly. 6000ks would be best though I admit. In full night darkness (I should have taken a photo like that as well), there is a bit more blobbiness, though you can still tell the two colors apart and the outside rings a bit.

Now in the second close-up photo, I guess I nailed my white balance settings because the color turned out pretty accurate, although a tiny bit on the violet side. Believe me though, the angels are white with just the perfect amount of blue/purple. The best representation of the exact color (at least on my monitor) is the passenger side headlight on the first photo (notice how it's a tiny bit more blue) but this closeup shows that the outside rings from a side angle might appear a tiny bit "green" but they really aren't.

Hope these pictures help! Let me know what you think. Everyone needs to get these lights, they are awesome!


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