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Originally Posted by The J-Man View Post
Dental insurance is almost worthless. Just take care of your teeth and pay the expenses as they come up IMO. Unless, of course, your employer pays for everything. As others have said, though, there's usually a 6-12 month waiting period for new policies before they will pay for anything.

Not worthless if they even partially cover braces / retainers etc. That shit's thousands of bucks.

Also, you never know. I just recently found out that for years upon years I've been brushing my teeth "wrong" and it just wasn't caught before. I apparently brush way too hard with a brush that has way-too-tough bristles and there are almost irreparable grooves dug into my teeth because of it, and it fucked up my gums and they receded. When the gums grew back, it was only afterwards that we found out that they grew over pieces of tooth where tartar had formed. Insurance covered an extra special cleaning procedure to clean that shit out. Good thing I have dental..

tl, dr, you never know what fucked up stuff will happen, so that's why it's called "insurance"

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