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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
You can only guess what McCain might have done so your strawman proposition is just a fiction. But I know exactly what our president has done--nothing but talk and perpetually back the wrong side. His inexperience and penchant for wishful thinking has only destabilized the world. And if you knew a bit more about "old military folks" you'd know they are usually the last to want to get in a tangle.

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran


I know that was supposed to be a joke, but inside every joke lies a view into the true feelings of people. McCain has made plenty of pro-war with Iran statements that it is safe to look back and predict behavior based upon a straight line.

Who do you want in charge?

Mr. Frothy Mix of Lube?
Mrs. Warn the British By Ridin' Horsies Shootin' Guns?
Mr. Obama Care Was My Idea?
Mr. I Was Cheating On My Hospital-Riden Wife While Criticizing Clinton Blowjobs?