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With used cars, its all about what is available locally and what condition it is when you are looking. If I were you I would spend some time exploring private parties, seeing what's available used near you for cheap and see if you can pick up something fantastic cheap. That is instead of picking a particular kind of car and then searching.

That said, being that you are in Florida so not in need of AWD, you can likely do better than a WRX. I know that back when I was an STi owner, and active on the Subaru forums, that any Suby with a turbo offered after 2007 had engine reliability issues. That was one of the reasons for not buying another STI. The other was I could not find one locally that was not modded to hell, returned to stock, and clearly beaten on by its owner. Ditto with used Evos. Which, if you are considering a WRX you should also consider.
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