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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Oh yeah, things are so much better, especially the emboldened Iran who (news today) is now two months away from a nuclear weapon. Yay team, lucky us.
Russia and China have HAD nuclear weapons for decades upon decades, and we've resolved those nuclear threats diplomatically. Remember Ronald Reagan? Do you think he beat the USSR by sending in ground forces? The solution to every problem isn't always a bullet.

Do you seriously think that a bombing campaign started by McCain would have done anything to stop this? In reality, Iran would have been forced to INCREASE their production of 90% enriched uranium the moment the first bomb hit. They would already have built a nuclear device by now if that were the case. They might have even already used it as a tactical device against the US fleet by now.

Nothing short of ETERNAL ground occupation of Iran would stop them from creating a nuclear bomb if we went the way of attacking Iran. Iran is bigger than Iraq. The regime has a larger, more loyal population backing it than Iraq. There are more mountains and more hardened underground secret military sites than Iraq.

The only solution is a diplomatic solution. Just like Russia, just like China.

Like I said, thank God we didn't get McCain recklessly bombing Iran. Old military folks who think that bullets fix every problem would have us stuck in a 5-front war, while cutting taxes to (not) pay for any of them.