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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by e92addict View Post
OP, this guy below isn't referring to the STi, it's just the WRX model which now aesthetically mimics the STi hatchback. Also, performance wise the WRX is considered the same car as the STi. (0 to 60 @ 4.7) I agree with this guy for the same car, because I was in the market for one at one point.

Also, if you haven't already, test drive a 370Z. I personally find them to be a bit rough and not refined.

Good luck with your search!
Just want to chime in about the WRX/STi performance comparisons; people tend to quote the two's 0-60 times quite frequently with the allusion that they even in a straight line, but the main reason for the similar 0-60 times has more to do with their gearing than anything. 1/4 mi times are still a good deal different.

The WRX is still a great buy. I was (still am) hugely into the hatch myself. Not too big on the sedan though, even post-facelift with the widebody.

The 370Z has always been a car I've liked but could never see myself owning. The NVH issues wouldn't bother me so much as all the other choices that are available that I'd rather have.
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