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Okay Folks - I just completed my Stage 1 Evolve-R ECU Tune on my stock E92 with nothing else but an underdrive pulley -- stock exhaust.

The tune itself - Ju st got back from a 60 mile spin and I absolutely love the tune! !! Idle is smoother, throttle is smoother and around 4000rpm the M3 just pulls much harder than it ever did before. I definitely felt a huge difference! I have a really stupid sloppy grin on my face right now!! Absolutely fantastic and highly recommended - it'll wake your M3 up.

the hardware - Very well constructed cable and easy to use software. I had a few glitches while installing drivers but Paul helped me through the install - he was always available.

The tuning process and Support from Evolve - Thank you Salman and Paul from Evolve - both of you were super supportive, extremely responsive to all my emails - it felt like you guys were right there everytime I had a question. Loading the tune itself was super easy - there were two files to load and both loaded in about 20 minutes total.

I'll edit this review later to add more details and some pictures...