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drop a gear and...

Drives: 2010 M3
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My experience:

1. BACK the rear tires onto my ramps as there is more clearance from the rear.
2. Use two low profile jacks to lift the front so that the car is absolutely level.
3. Drain the oil and let it drip for about an hour and then replace and torque the plugs.
4. Siphon all of the oil from the filter canister and then refill the canister with the same amount of clean oil and replaced the filter.
5. Refill the engine with oil. I used exactly 9 quarts total including the amount that I refilled the filter canister.
6. Remove the jacks, ramps and cleanup.

I brought the car up to operating temp, reset the oil sensor and went for a drive. After about 20 minutes it was indicating exactly the max amount of oil on a level surface. I've also reset and checked a few times without leaving the garage and the reading is spot on.