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Originally Posted by erhanh View Post
Funny thing is, I first added 8.25liters, and the car said add a quart... Go figure.
In case you missed my post, I also raised rear to fully drain rear sump (drain plug is in front), plus sucked filter housing dry, and my car took 9.5L to bring mark to full. Next time will just put the 9.5L, since it took me a while to play the game of adding a bit of oil at a time until full (you can read my posts on how I check oil level, if interested). I always like to have my cars topped off, since carrying a bottle of oil in the trunk is ridiculous IMO .

Oh, and yes, you need to remove oil cap carefully. Remember intake cam gear shoots oil right at the cap; that's why if gasket is not lubed on 'old' caps, it can bunch up when rotated to lock it, create a gap, and make a royal mess, so don't forget that step folks . Take care gang.