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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
I didn't say anything about performance . It's a miracle the performance GM gets out of those engines, but it's still arcaic technology . It's obviously more compact size to size due to 1 cam vs 4, 16V vs 32, no valve timing vs quad VANOS, 1 TB vs EIGHT... etc. And yes, it's barely more powerful but you're talking 6.2 vs 4 liters.
And your point would be, what, exactly. Is power per cc your primary criterion for comparing engines?

Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
And the better fuel economy is not due to the engine itself, but light car weight and tranny ratios. Put that same engine on an M3 and it'd be rated at 12-16 rather than 14-20 . Remember the 16 rating is only due to the 1-4 skipshift crap, and the Vette weighs at least 500 lbs less than the M3. Mine had dismal fuel economy in the city with the skipshift bypassed.
The Vette weighs around 250 pounds less than the M3, typically around 3350 vs 3600 or so. Even so, the Camaro with the same engine, weighing nearly 300 pounds more than the M3, gets 16-24. The transmission ratios are part of the deal, but they are well matched to the LS3 torque curve, and all wrong for the M3. You should be aware that the skip-shift "feature" (I hate it myself) is there primarily for noise attenuation in order to pass the California (and now other states) drive-by noise standards. They get to go by in fourth gear. There may be a slight mileage benefit due to very slightly less friction after the shift out of first, but it's basically negligible.

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Yes, it's a great car for the money, but it's almost all plastic, pushrod engine, rental car interior, and even an ALL leaf-springs suspension. And yes, I was thinking of trading the M3 for one, due to their simplicity, but couldn't get something decent for it, so will keep it. I love some of the technology on the M3, but am tired of throwing money away on cars because it doesn't make economical sense to keep them after warranty. With a Vette, I could fix almost anything, and it'd be immensely cheaper as well. And a lot less likely to fail in the first place. Different perspectives. Have a good one gang.
1) If you are a technology fan, point taken about pushrods. If you're a fan of results, the point is moot.

2) If the M3 had the Vette leaf springs, it would handle as well and would definitely be lighter. Those leaf springs are essentially an engineering tour de force.