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Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
hmm.... i never considered an STI... I always prefered evos but ill take a look! (still prefer a 370z. mmore of a "sports car" feel)

OP, this guy below isn't referring to the STi, it's just the WRX model which now aesthetically mimics the STi hatchback. Also, performance wise the WRX is considered the same car as the STi. (0 to 60 @ 4.7) I agree with this guy for the same car, because I was in the market for one at one point.

Also, if you haven't already, test drive a 370Z. I personally find them to be a bit rough and not refined.

Good luck with your search!

Originally Posted by dexter View Post
@ OP, you can purchase a brand new 2011 subaru wrx for 25-30k all day. 30k will get you the limited model with leather, heated seats, sunroof etc. take a look they are a blast to drive! and with that new widebody look for 2011 they look aggressive!