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Thanks for the e-praise everyone

Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
How come you used the last slot on the distribution block?
I thought that was not connected to the battery?
Everything I read says those last slots aren't powered, but while I was waiting for my 1,200 mile service I picked up a spare fuse block from the parts department and found all 7 slots had blades in them. #6 is 80 amps and #7 is unfused. I later found that the fuse block that came with my car is like I've seen on the forums, with 5 blades and the last 2 totally blank.

Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
A HiFi car doesn't have two sets of rears nor a center grill. He wanted good old two-channel. I couldn't talk him out of rears (I tried

The HiFi system has front and rear analog balanced outs and these amps accept balanced in on the rcas. He could have used a processor, but it isn't essential with a hiFi car ( as it is with a Top HiFi car or a non-M base Stereo car).
Yes indeed the M3 base "Hi Fi" system is an upgrader's dream. Powerful, flat, balanced differential signal to the stock amp, no LOC required. I still might go with some kind of sound processing/EQ in the future. I figure if I decide to get a trunk sub (which would be the Musicar bass module) I'd use the KS125.4 I'm running bridged stereo for the Jenherts right now. I'd run 2 channels (2x75) for the Jenherts - I'd need something to band-pass them - and use the other channels bridged (1x250) for the sub. Some might think that's not enough for a sub but I've got a 10" trunk sub with 200 watts going to it in another car and it's plenty.
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