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Originally Posted by stickypaws View Post
It doesn't make sense to me either. A CL is a CL. It's not a CLS (the CLS is an E Class platform and a four door), and it's not a sports car. The CL happens to be a two door version of the S Class platform.

"I was looking for more of a cruiser (more of a car like the CL550) I'd probably get a 1 year old 911 997.2 TT or a new Audi R8."

And then: "Yea it doesn't make sense to me when a CLS63 costs $20k less. I'd even have the C63 Black Series. At least they give you some choice."

There tends to be a lot of name dropping when it comes to cars but without any real life experience of ownership. It's common on car forums, of course. But when it comes around to actually buying a car, then hopefully people get a bit more realistic. But I suppose dreaming is fun in the meantime.
You were right. But why do you feel the need to over-analyze my posts? Let me have my own opinion and leave it at that.