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Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post

WARNING: These guys do not take nicely to ricers. i dont either.

especially the kid at my school with lambo doors on his lowered civic s...... lol

Thanks for the warning, I'll be sure to pass it on

I don't think I deserved a BMW 4 years ago (time I started working on this car) - especially as a high school student. I'm looking to the 335i as a college grad present this coming year. Of course, I don't plan on doing much to it at all... if anything just some gold VS-XX on it; I seem to have a thing for white cars with gold wheels

Originally Posted by stoutnj89
Hey its not a bad Corolla.. But please post your old car then the new one. Do you have any questions about the 335??

At first glance I thought it was an RSX.
I thought since it was the General Automotive (non-BMW) section for photographs, I wouldn't have to accompany it with pictures or questions of a 335.. But I do have some questions I'm slowly answering through the sticky'd threads. Lots of good info around here.

Originally Posted by twinturbo335
You are doing it all wrong. Why is your car sitting like a 4x4 when you are trying to achieve the "hella flush" look?
Was just going for a more flush stance, but not hella flush. I do agree it needs to be lower though, but it wouldn't be too practical where I currently live.

Thanks to everyone else.