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Originally Posted by ImStig View Post
Has anyone with a 2011.5 able to play Apple Lossless via the USB input?
This is a response I wrote in another ipod thread:

When I load cds onto my ipod gen5, I tell itunes to load the music onto my ipod using lossless format. In my no i-drive M3 (10/2010 build), the resulting music quality is very good and sounds, to my older ears, anyway, very similar, if not almost equal to, the cd from whence the music came. In some cases, especially where the cd was more recently recorded, I can tell that the speakers in my car are distinguishing between musical instruments & voices, e.g., voices left speaker, drums right speaker. I believe this is all possible because I've recorded music on my ipod using the Apple lossless format.
I would also add that the ipod gen 5 contains a chipset which, according to some reviewers, recreates better sound than the more recently produced ipods.

I use the cable I got with my ipod for both the car usb hookup and downloading from the computer usb port.

Be advised, I am downloading from cds. My understanding is cds are a high quality source for music downloads. I've read the music is not as high a quality when you download from a website.