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my install/DIY (Morel, Jehnert, Arc Audio - many pics)

Here's my install/DIY. Major thanks to Ken (VP Electricity) of Musicar Northwest from whom I purchased all the components and to everyone here who helped with advise and questions I had. I went with the following:

Front: Morel Hybrid Ovation II components
Rear: Morel Integra Ovation XO coaxial
Underseat: Jehnert XE 200
Amp: 2x Arc Audio KS 125.4

Replace these:

With these:

In the boxes:


The Integra Ovation XO coaxials didn't have any insulation on their wiring contacts, so I replaced them with these Molex-like connectors which also aids in easy install/removal:

Crossovers on the rear deck:

Trim back in place:

Although the crossovers would fit in the front doors without me doing this, I scalloped out the Styrofoam so the crossovers would fit more securely:

Like this:


Another angle:

I've never thought Dynamat was much use on non-metallic surfaces, but I had so much left over from a previous install I covered a good portion of the door panel. Passenger side:

Driver side:

The Hybrid Ovation II tweeters:

In order to get the tweeters to fit in the stock sail panel you need to cut off the plastic tabs inside of the tweeter hole, not the upright tabs that hold the tweeter in:

Like this:

Then the Hybrid Ovation II tweeter fits like it was made for this installation, although it takes a good bit of effort to get it in. Be very careful or you might damage the tweeter dome with the tabs that hold the tweeter in.

From the front:

To seal the woofers, I prefer to use this putty-like weatherstrip instead of the stick-on weatherstrip you see at the top of the picture. Weatherstrip on the enclosure:

And the Jehnert woofer:

Finished product next to stock:

Stock amp on stock amp rack:

The Arc amps are so thin I was happy I could use the stock amp rack with another rack I made of 1/2" MDF:

For the bottom amp:

For the top amp:

Both amps:

Finished rack:

Installing rack in car:

Bottom rack installed:

Bottom amp installed:

Both amps installed:

Finished (I reoriented the fuse/distribution block because my original location protruded to far out for the trunk trim panel fit flush against the side of the car):

Pretty much done... even without the fuse/distribution block on top, the amps are just a bit too tall for the standard trunk trim. I've ordered the higher CD changer trim which my dealer says will take a few weeks to arrive from Germany:

My connection to the main fuse/distribution block:

The sound is breathtaking. I choose the Jehnerts over the Earthquake SWSs because I mostly listen to alternative rock and Ken said the Jehnerts were more musical vs. the Earthquakes which play lower and pound harder. Even so, these Jehnerts play plenty low and hit hard when I play techno. So far I don't think I need a trunk sub. That's about it. Thanks for reading.
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