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Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
i dont think they did... LOL
You're right bro lol... and more responses afterwards showing that some didn't read everything either

Originally Posted by 09E92M34ME View Post
ugliest thing i've ever seen. what a hideous piece of equipment
Yup it's ugly, but one is going for functionality. Are you saying painter's tape is 'beautiful'?

Originally Posted by mrad01 View Post
I didn't read all you said, I'll let you off the hook - but I stand by what I said and hope it is a warning to anyone who is actually considering it for their road car - they are FUGLY and STUPID!!!!
Yes it is very ugly.... but my post isn't about using it for day to day activities.... You never noted why it's "STUPID" though; something being ugly doesn't automatically deem it stupid

Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
Chee meegee baba!

Clear bra is still the best bet if you have cheddar. Put it on for two weeks then take it off. Save yourself the embarrassment for the day or two with that other thing, while at the same time driving around the car with it VIRTUALLY UNNOTICEABLE to 95% of the people you drive/park by. All while protecting front bumper (the main goal).

You could keep it on longer if you wanted too. It doesn't start to look bad until it's been on for a while (Assuming it was proper quality and installation from the outset). but if you hate it take it off. How often you gonna track?
Wouldn't it cost too much to get a clear bra on just to take it off?

I will track several times this summer, and bi-monthly afterwards.

Originally Posted by m3heaven View Post
It won't work with your front lip so cancel the order. Just get your front end clear bra'd or just continue using the road wrap
That's what I ended up doing.

Originally Posted by albert1028 View Post
Custom clear bra installations are a must and if done well are hard to spot unless you know what to look for. Check out the best installers around and you will not notice it much.
I'm the type that knows what to look for... and noticing a little or much... will nonetheless drive me nuts (this is for day to day use, not track).

My reflectors look a little off and no one can see it unless I point it out and even then they can't see it (M3post members and non-members). Yet I see it from a mile away. I'm just that type :/
I notice imperfections in clear bras all the time (even those done professional shops. Unless it's a majority of the car, then there isn't a line thus I'd be cool with it, maybe.
But paint never looks the same when you have clear bra on it..

I want something I can use for the drive to the track, at the track, back from the track, then take it off.

I do NOT want something that will be on for day to day driving as it will drive me nuts.

I probably shouldn't care so much as my car is a lease, but I guess it's in me as a prideful owner to care about the paint looking pretty .

Originally Posted by skier View Post
You don't have to wrap the entire car, just do the whole front panels if you don't like the line.
At the next couple of meets I go to, I will check some cars out.
But may of my friends who have them, it's not 'good enough' for me :/

Originally Posted by m3soupy View Post
If you do plan on tracking often, I recommend getting a full front wrap. There are plenty of reputable installers that do quality work. This bra or even a template cut clear bra (shows lines) will not fully protect against track tar, rubber, huge bugs, sand/dirt kicked up, etc. On the track, you will get crap past the bulge or even on the roof with elevated tracks. I got mine full frontal and picked up a bottle of TLR from Premier. The best stuff to get tar/rubber/etc off clear bra. Regular bug/tar remover wont do the job on clear bra.

Besides, you're not gonna want that bra for your track day photos

Thank you for a nice informative post

Track day photos are whatever now as I've got a decent amount already lol.
Though I don't mind more

Originally Posted by htp autoworks View Post
Youre concerned a bout a line and you post a picture of that bra???? Wow... I am almost at a loss for words. I would rather have a line anyday over that leather bra. Thats terrible. And by the way do the full hood and fenders and there wont be any lines.

Why are you at a loss of words?
There is a difference between a bra that is on there 100% of the time versus a bra that is on there ONLY to drive to the track, at the track, back from the track.

Not a line that will be present 100% of the time.

Originally Posted by htp autoworks View Post
Yo have accesss to some of the best clear bra installers in the country so I highly recommend you go talk to a few. A good clear bra install will not be visible and protect your car all of the time.

And you might want to read this about some Camaro owners that damaged their paint using Road Wrap. Really bad stuff and completely useless.

I've done my research on Road Wrap. If applied correctly, it won't come off, slap around, make noise, etc etc.

I have read threads about painter's tape problems in the past, yet thousands continue to use it. It's just a huge PITA to keep putting on every damn time.
But you are right in that I should check out some more clear bra installs

Originally Posted by knifegun View Post
Full hood wrap. I would not want to be behind someone at the track with that thing. What if you mess yp and the thing falls off? I can't believe they actually make a vinyl bra for our cars. Terrible!
I don't see how it would fall off with several hooks and whatnot. Falling off was never something I even looked at lol

I appreciate everyone for your responses, but mostly thank you to those who gave informative responses