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Originally Posted by Simma View Post
Before everyone starts complaining, I'd like to appologize ahead of time since what I'm going to say has nothing to do with this forum lol.

My beater started acting up this morning. It is a 2002 Civic SI Coupe. I beat this around the city everywhere since its a civic and cheap on gas and I can careless about the Kilometres. It was a dealer maintained car when I bought it last year and I have all service records. The car is at 202,000KM (Approx 125,600 Miles)

The issue:
Car is not accelerating past 130km/h!!!! What does this mean? Clutch seems to be fine... I understand that this can be caused by many reasons but from a general standpoint, what usually causes this?

First, 2002 did not have any si coupe production model. they're the hatch

and you'll have more luck with the ep3hatch forums instead