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I got a G37 sedan as a loaner when my 335i was at the dealership. It was such a typical Japanese cheapo, faux-luxury interior (doesn't hold a grain to lexus and I don't like lexus) and the engine was shize. It was loopy, clunky, and slow made me not want to drive fast for goodness sakes! The FI N54 felt like it had individual throttle bodies compared to that horrible sounding NA VQ.

I honestly had higher regard for that car before my loaner experience. Looking back, I can't believe how much I liked infiniti G35s as a high-school student. Now I feel almost insulted when car mags compare the 3 series to the G.

To be fair, the G is much cheaper and it is well-kitted with the tech package. Still, I would gladly pay a premium for a ZSP 328i over a G37s.

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