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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
Because you are wrong!!

In bold it says; Certificates for children born out of State. That State being Hawaii.

If i lived in Hawaii for one year, and my son was born in Vermont, i can get a birth certificate from Hawaii stating that my son was boron in Hawaii.
Wrong. The State of Hawaii has been VERY clear about this. This has been addressed directly by multiple Hawaii officials, and they are the folks that actually matter, not you.

After 1982, if you were born outside of the United States, you could get a Hawaii certification of live birth saying you were born overseas, but you were officially a Hawaiian the moment you were born. The certificate of live birth would indicate exactly where you were born, no matter where that was in the world.

This is because US laws on citizenship are that the children of US citizens born overseas are AUTOMATICLY US citizens. There is no requirement for the children of US citizens to be born inside the US for them to be US citizens.

How can you folks claim to know so much about Obama's birth, and yet be so ignorant of the facts?