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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
Why not just get a clear bra and have [semi] permanent protection?
This is why:
Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
problem with a clear bra is it's always there, and as i stated, it looks like crap unless you get the whole car done (or at least the entire hood, i hate the line that you see from the clear bar....)

Originally Posted by mrad01 View Post
I just don't get the obsession with these really really ugly bra thingies that yanks have. WTF! You buy a hot looking car, you put a really really ugly thing on the front to preserve the looks of the car, which no-one can see because of the ugly thing.

If it gets a few stone chips during its life - get a touchup done - or just buy a new front end once every 5 years. Much better that suffering the embarrassing bra on your car.
Please see this:
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well i don't care if it's ugly as it'll only be on for the drive to the track, on the track, drive back, then it's off the car.
Originally Posted by mwosajohn View Post
The felt liner underneath traps dirt and is hard to clean. Once it gets in there, no matter how short of a time you use it for, you might as well put some fine grit sandpaper on your hood.
This is the main thing that does worry me. But would it be similar to even Road Wrap? and even painters tape? (as the edges may get loose and dirt can get in)

The part about water/rain I did not know and I appreciate the info. Info like that is why I love this forum